Wednesday, 21 February 2018

PHP- Its Advantage & Disadvantage And A Brief Intro To PHP 7 with Significant Features

PHP- is Hypertext Preprocessor server-side scripting language used by web developer for the web development with database and it can be used as programming language. PHP is the most selective language among the web developers and most the websites are made in PHP.

PHP can work with the combination of HTML or can be used in combination with various web frameworks, web template system, and web CMS (Content Management System). PHP, originally designed to create dynamic web pages. Meanwhile, PHP now focuses on server-side scripting that provides dynamic content from the web server to client. With PHP many software frameworks are developed to promote RAD (Rapid Application Development) which include CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, PRADO, Zend Framework, Phalcon, Symfony, and Yil Framework.

According to the sources, PHP was used in more than 240 million websites and was installed on approximately 2 million web servers. We have seen the journey of PHP version from 8th June 1995 1.0 to 7.2 which was released on 30th November 2017. Even if the PHP is most chosen language for creating a website, there are merits and demerits.

First, let's discuss the pros of PHP language-

  • Open Source Code & Vast Community: Yes, PHP language is open source, so no need to pay a single penny in the form of license fees. It is developed and maintained by a large community of PHP developers, where you can find blogs, websites, and forums with various solutions to different queries.
  • Cross Platform: The websites or apps that built-in PHP can be run on multiple platforms. As the PHP code run properly and smoothly on multiple platforms, so you do not have to worry about client requirement.
  • Easily to Use: If you are familiar with C programming language then you can easily learn PHP language within a short span of time. As it uses syntax which is quite similar to the C programming language. Due to this developers finds it easy to learn and manipulate.
  • Garbage Collection: Garbage Collector in PHP is used for memory management and it is used by the PHP programmer when they need to free the memory space in case of requirement.

Meanwhile, you can hire PHP developers who can-

  • Create dynamic page content
  • Create, open, read, write, delete, and close files on server
  • Add, delete, and modify data in your database
  • Encrypt the data 

Now, let's discuss some cons for PHP language:

  • Open source: As PHP comes up with open source code which benefits our pockets but the code can be accessed by another programmer as it says open source. If the programmer is professional, he/she can copy the code of your project and can put it into another project even if you came up with an original idea.
  • Change in Version: Due to the large community of PHP developer, new versions appear constantly with the solution and with new features. Simultaneously if the bug appears which do not a have solution until a new version is released which can be irking for any programmer.
  • Debugging Tool: To find errors or warning in the code you need the debugging tools which are least available in comparison to other programming languages.
  • Not Suitable for large application as it is not highly modular.


PHP 7 is the major release of PHP programming language. The main aim was to optimize the PHP performance by refactoring the Zend engine which is successfully done and having PHPNG code merged in PHP 7 it is 2x fast as PHP 5. PHP 7 release is considered to be the most important change for PHP.

The salient features of PHP 7 are mentioned below:-

  • Performance Improvement-: According to the Zend team, PHP 7 proves itself more than twice faster, as compared to PHP 5.6 and HHVM 3.7.
  • Scalar type declarations:- It has two options i.e. coercive- default set and no need to be specified, and strict- this mode has to be explicitly hinted. Now parameters and return type can be enforced which are int, float, bool, string, interfaces, array, and callable.

--> <?php
   //coercive example
   function sum(int …$ints)
   return array_sum($ints);
   print(sum(1, ‘2’, 3.5));
--> <?php
   //strict example
   function sum(int …$ints)
   return array_sum($ints);
   print(sum(1, ‘2’, 3));
   Answer--> Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 2 passed to sum() must be type

  • Many fatal errors converted to exceptions
  • 64-bit support
  • Improved exception hierarchy

There are much more significant features. In comparison with PHP 5.6, PHP 7’s memory consumption is 50 percent better and twice faster. Request a quote to hire dedicated PHP developers for your solutions.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

What Are The Advantage of React.js? And Hire HDI’s React.js Developers For Your Solution

Before to look into the advantage of React.js, What is React.js?

React or React.js or ReactJS is an open source javascript library for building a dynamic web application user interface for high performance. It combines the speed of javascript and uses a new way of rendering web pages, making them responsive and dynamic. The library is maintained by Facebook, Instagram, and a community of individuals developer but it was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. It was first deployed on Facebook and later on 2013, it was announced as open source for everyone. With React, a developer can create a simple, fast, and scalable application that uses dynamic data without reloading the page.

But in order to use its full potential, to save time, for cost-effective you should hire React.js developers to uplift your business identity.

React Features:

  • React components are written in JSX and allow using of XML/HTML tag syntax to render subcomponents.
  • React uses virtual DOM. It creates a data structure in memory and calculates the differences. By analyzing the real and virtual DOM, React update the browser’s displayed DOM efficiently instead of rendering the page upon each change.
  • Virtual DOM makes the user experience better, developer’s work faster, and strong performance. 
  • A developer can render ReactJS on the server side.

Every framework has their own advantage. Now let’s see what are the advantage of ReactJS for the web development.

ReactJS uses and creates its own virtual DOM. A server checks the differences or changes and then give a necessary response but to do that it needs to update the DOM tree which is difficult in today’s big data world. Now what the React do is, it creates the abstract copy (called virtual DOM). It updates small changes made by the user without affecting other part and makes updates quickly. Due to this, it increases performance, flexibility, and programming faster.

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JavaScript Easier
React uses JSX syntax, allows you to use the amazing combination of HTML and JavaScript. With the React JSX you can optimize the code and create the templates quickly and the user can use HTML in render function without concatenating the strings. Basically, ReactJS makes writing JavaScript easier.

SEO Friendly
JavaScript frameworks are not search engine friendly. There have been improvements to overcome this problem but still, search engine faces the difficulty. But ReactJS does not face this difficulty. You can run it on the server and virtual DOM will be rendered to the browser as the normal web page.

Some notable adopters of ReactJS are Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb, and others. ReactJS has other features and due to its high-performance, many companies have adopted it. So if you are looking to hire dedicated React.js developers for the success of your business then Hire Developers India is the right place for the solutions.

HDI is a certified, reliable and reputed company to provide the best result for your requirements. Here you can hire professional React.js programmers on monthly basis, on an hourly basis or as per your business requirements at fixed cost depends on the project. Some of the key benefits of hiring offshore React.js developers from HDI are:

  • Simply tell your requirements and ask for results.
  • Can communicate through an online medium like Skype, Hangouts, or communicate by the phone call as per your time.
  • Can choose your own React.js developers by taking an interview.

Contact Us immediately to hire dedicated React.js developers in order to start the development of project without any delay.