Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Choose Best Company To Hire Wordpress Developer

In case you're planning to hire a wordpress development organization out of the blue, you might be not mindful of the opposition of this industry. Today, the hardest thing is to locate the best web development organization. Since there are a lot of WordPress development organizations giving services of Hire WordPress Developer for best web solutions, it's a major achievement to discover the right one for you.

Hire Developers India is one of the main wordpress development organizations to hire wordpress developer  which endeavor to give incredible quality products and services. We gives end-to-end WordPress opportunities from strategy and planning to design and development, and also full data migration, API integration, adaptability, performance and long term guidance and support.

We have confidence in conveying solutions which may profit your business. We don't push services to our customers. We have a group of energetic and adroit developers, who are capable in creating applications, and responsive sites for the world's leading brands, SMEs and new businesses. We have the experience and skill in conveying market-driven products by soaking up best-in-class methodology and procedure required in each phase of product development, in this manner bringing about conveying excellent user engagement.

Today where there is a site for everything from booking tickets to shopping to playing games, WordPress has changed the manner in which business build and speak with their clients. WordPress has developed as the prominent web content publishing platform as of late. It adds excellent appearance to a site while offering the best client experience.

As one of the best wordpress development company compared to other, we've conveyed numerous WordPress projects and enhanced numerous features like theme development, plugin building according to the customer's needs. Our wordpress development benefits likewise incorporate eCommerce which is a feature given by the open source community and it empowers new directions for building viable and completely fully functional business sites.

Our Services:
  • WordPress Installation & Setup
  • Custom CMS Development
  • WordPress custom plugin/widget development
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • WordPress Template Design
  • Corporate Blogging Solutions
  • Mobile Template Design
  • WordPress Data Migration
  • WordPress SEO Services
  • WordPress Security Audits
  • WordPress Troubleshooting & Support
  • WordPress Maintenance & Upgrades

Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers

Hire Our WordPress developers on full time, part time or hourly basis beginning at just $8/hr to develop the most expert, robust and scalable WordPress solutions with most astounding quality standards.

Why Choose HDI for Hiring WordPress Developer?

  • Coding Quality
  • High End Data Security
  • 24/7 Direct Support
  • Focusing on Client Satisfaction
  • Option for, Hire WordPress Developer
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cost Effective
  • Monthly Evaluation of Delivered Projects

Hire our dedicated WordPress experts to cutoff your project cost and we can guarantee the timeline and quality of the project as we are one of the best WordPress service providers around the globe. Get in touch with us.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Top Most Things to be Check When Hire PHP Developer

The visibility of a compelling site is your home window to the online world. A site enhanced the PHP structure suitable gives a strong and powerful structure.

Thus when you hire PHP developer, a couple of perspectives ought to be mulled over. These will ensure that you obtain the most intelligent of developers who can do equity to your website using all the latest tools in PHP development.

A comprehension of how PHP tools and furthermore modern technologies empower developers to develop powerful websites, webpage and additionally eCommerce store quickly. Essential aspects like PHP being an open source technology, helps with bringing down the coastline of growth.

The viewpoints that you should investigate to you work with PHP Developers for your job are as complies with -

1. Choosing a specialist PHP Developer over a Freelancer:

Naturally you can go on and furthermore pick an advisor yet when you are identified with an organization that focuses on PHP web advancement, you have a military of qualified wise and talented PHP developers at your order. The immense territory of domain know-how and knowldge base not simply ensures that you have your site up and running on time however much more outstandingly identifying with the quality of job that is involved.

2. Do your homework, make a history check 

 Go through the list of organization's past tasks and would they say they are still in task? How well do those sites offer to you? From the truly appearance of their profile, you will have an understanding and ready to see if the PHP developers concerned can think of a site upto your suppositions.

3. Reviews 

Your site is the portal to your online world and also in the event that it isn’t seems adequate, it is on the tipping scope of represent the deciding moment. So having looked for your own one of a kind perspective in the wake of seeing the profile, now take the reactions from people who have hired PHP developers from such organizations. Their word of mouth includes genuineness and additionally integrity and furthermore which will accordingly help fit your decision making.

4. Experience

Associate unmistakably seeing what you need and additionally analyze are the developers similar to they pronounce to be. Communication is vital thus it the prerequisite in regards to their ranges of abilities. Notwithstanding the above, it is furthermore essential to take note of the number of years of experience they have.

5.  Reliability

Reliability checking is fundamental what's more consenting to the market models, it needs to clearly affirm with the lawful standards too, Once done and furthermore you are sure about the high caliber and in addition work components, you can keep on authorizing the agreement as well as begin site development.

Henceforth, when you hire PHP developer, it is prescribed to experience the above agenda. It will help you to hire offshore developer who helps you get the best internet website all alone.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Things to consider before hiring Wordpress Developer

Wordpress is an excellent website platform for variety of websites. From blogging to eCommerce to business and portfolio websites, wordpress is a versatile CMS. Many famous blogs, news outlets, musix sites, fortune 500 companies and celebrities are using wordpress. The potential outcomes are unfathomable with regards to customizing a WordPress site. WordPress themes and plugins can include new design alternatives and included more functionality.

Wordpress is the platform for developing web solution for business. As its user friendly and reliability increase customer satisfaction which ultimately attract more end users.  To develop wordpress solution hire offshore wordpress developer is best possible solution as they give complete custom solution and support from starting to launching website. But before hire wordpress developer there are some things which should keep in mind while hiring.

Check Logic and Experience

When you hire Wordpress Developer, initial step is check logic and experience of developer. Having a satisfactory WordPress experience and skills are basic to get the most ideal outcomes. Ensure that developer is very much prepared with most recent tricks and logic. You need to watch that developer have likewise information of fundamental web-based languages like XML, JavaScript and SQL.

Time Dedicated by Developers to your Project

Just have clear criteria about the measure of time a developer needs to give to your work. Before choosing somebody, guarantee that he/she will devote enough time to your project to make it worth the investment. On the amenities required in your work, you can hire somebody on hourly, week by week or month to month premise.

Availability and Communication skill

On the off chance that you are hoping to hire offshore wordPress developer, accessibility must be concerned. The developer ought to be accessible whenever you required him on the urgent basis, independent of time and area. Aside from these, it is similarly critical that he is articulative with great communication skills.

Transparent Process

You need to make beyond any doubt that you and developers have kept up proper transparency during the total procedure of website development. Ensure that the developer will keep you refreshed day by day bases about the advancement of the project and inform you everything about every one of the progressions and development with next day’s task.


Being a well known and open-source stage, WordPress is helpless against hacking issues. It very well may be protected if your developer makes preventive strides like conscientiously coding the webpage to block the hackers, keep your site refreshed and utilizes preemptive tools for security reason.

In-built SEO feature

WordPress website design come up with SEO optimization. Because of this element, the most of people love to design Website in WordPress. Another favorable position is your site get recorded on Google for competitive search terms. Thus, your WordPress developer cannot run clear with SEO.


These are the basic things which should be considered while hiring wordpress developer. As these things will help in business profit and develop fruitful website. Hire WordPress Developers from Hire Developers India(HDI) to get a uniquely development solution that matches your inclinations to target niche. By hiring offshore developer from HDI, one should not worry about any of the things as we have highly dedicated and experienced developer.  Contact us to talk about your thoughts and our dedicated developers will be effectively involved to offer long term solutions that meet your business objectives while complimenting with the business standards.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Magento VS Shopify : Choose the one & Hire Offshore Developer for eCommerce Solution

Having an extreme time picking among Magento and Shopify? You're not the only one.

After all, Magento and Shopify are two of the most mainstream ecommerce platform available today. They're frequently hollowed against one another when in actuality, Magento and Shopify are altogether different.

Magento is the most usually utilized ecommerce platform, guaranteeing 14% of the best million websites versus 6% for Shopify. According to Google trends, Magento has more search interest. However, both store platforms boast most successful companies.

In terms of coding, Magento and Shopify fluctuate limitlessly. Magento utilizes PHP, while Shopify utilizes a coding language called Liquid. Magento is open source, while Shopify is restrictive. This is vital with regards to settling on the ideal platform since it figures out what can be done.

Shopify is a commercial product in which one need to pay for while Magento Community is a free, open-source programming. Shopify is a hosted solution while Magento necessitates that you give your own hosting, install, setup and design everything before you can really begin making your store – something expecting medium to high level of web development and programming skills.

Are you looking for creating quick store to deal with 100 items? Shopify may best suit your necessities. In case you're hoping to build up an online store with boundless potential for features, adaptability, and customization, Magento is likely better. When settling on Shopify and Magento, consider what is most critical to you as per your objectives, budget and expertise.  So whatever is your decision, you need to hire developer to develop your online ecommerce store. As it required programming knowledge to run successful ecommerce store you required to hire offshore developers.

Hire Magento Developer

Magento is an intense current online business platform that gives best ecommerce website design and development services. It is an open-source platform and bears you with complete online business solution ideal from planning the store to selling it. With Mobile-driven vision and normal updates, Magento is completely a pioneer of its application.

Hire Developers India has a group of amazing Magento developer, who updated themselves with the most recent innovation. Their Magento development groups can resolve every one of your issues by giving the result oriented solution.

Professionals Dedicated Magento Developers giving Magento Development Services reaching out from Theme advancement to 3rd party Integrations. The developers are especially proficient of each version of Magento with latest version and can possibly launch the best class ecommerce store for your industry.

Hire Magento developers at hire developers India give reliable web based business solutions and have a great knowledge of tools and strategies required to develop adaptable and strong Magento sites/applications.

Benefits of Hiring Magento Developer from HDI

  • High quality of work
  • Daily work report
  • One developer can work on multiple projects
  • No setup cost is required
  • Direct communication by email, Skype, and Skype call.
  • Monitoring by Project Manager
  • Quality Assurance support to make sure as per your result output
  • The team is available to talk whenever needed through Skype or Phone
  • Expert developers have knowledge of front-end and backend both.

Hire Shopify Developer

To hire offshore shopify developer, Hire Developers India is a standout amongst the most trusted organization. Their best Shopify developers are set up to offer and execute industry best practices with an unflinching commitment to quality. Hire dedicated Shopify developers from contract designers India who are proficient at Shopify development trends. Their Shopify developers give steady and affordable solutions to fill the gaps in your Shopify project while guaranteeing complete transparency and control.

Having knowledgeable with the Shopify, their developers convey a huge experience of dealing with various Shopify projects. Their agile approach helps in finishing customers project rapidly and in addition cost-effectively.


  • Theme Customization
  • Shopify Maintenance
  • Custom Module
  • PSD to Shopify
  • App Integration
  • Third Party Integration
  • SEO Services

From the time forward, for building a significantly viable Online store, there is a requirement for the benefitting the services of Magento and Shopify Website Development in a suitable way. Choose the one which is more appropriate way for your online store and connect Hire Developers India for hiring dedicated & experienced magento & shopify developer.  Make an incredible pick for ecommerce business.

Monday, 1 October 2018

5 Benefits of Hiring PHP Developers from India

PHP is a scripting platform in which customers can search out any number of expert developers from any region of the world. PHP happens to be a more extensive platform having various numbers of frameworks deployed on it. Consequently the quality and type of PHP web development services a client get may change depending upon different factors, for example, developers’ capability, cost, and region and so on. Numerous PHP web development organizations in India is noted for giving remarkable services to clients around the world. India is the most looked for after destination to hire PHP developers, for it brings customers different advantages, and a few basics are talked here.

Cost Effective  

One of the appealing features of hiring a PHP developer from India is pricing for web development services. Getting a superb PHP developer in different parts of the world is somewhat costlier than that in India. Indian web developers exceptionally good in quality and are available at low costs. The financially savvy PHP web development services attract small and medium as well as large scale customers to India. Customers can save up to 60% web development costs by picking a PHP development organization or freelance PHP web developer from India.

Universal Exposure

A decent number of PHP developers in India are genuine experts and they have magnificent exposure to most astounding standard of programming. There are organizations in India which provide php developers according to the expense and capacities set by the customers. Hire Developers from India are expert on particular PHP platform like Laravel, Cake PHP, YII, and Slim are promptly available. About 80% of PHP web developers in India have global accreditation and certifications. They have demonstrated their perfection in developing dynamic and customized sites, because of the universal exposure to changing and advanced PHP coding.


Work timings of PHP developers are to largely flexible. Clients can hire them for hourly, part time and full time basis. Some developers keep their work live by the customer’s requirements. The adaptability of work timings empowers PHP developers to complete their project on time by offering customers cost and additionally time advantage. Indian web developers work regardless of time-zones to keep their profitability near global standards.


The best detriment PHP developers everywhere throughout the world face is a genuine slack in communication. Developers who have remarkable programming skills may remain back regarding speaking with the customers. Over half of PHP web developers in India are great at communication, and giving help to customers by different online networking platforms and with phone calls.

Reliable Support

PHP web developers in India give authentic and reliable client support. All the noticeable PHP web development organizations in India give 24*7 after sale support to hold their significant customers. Inside the base time, Indian PHP developers offer specialized help to customers to convey best services. Every one of these aspects contributes to the emergence of hire a PHP web developer from India.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Check out Benefits of Hiring Android Developer from HDI

Things have changed the world and keep the numerous numbers of clients around the globe. Android operating system has turned out to be the easy to understand smartphone OS system.

There are many people who have various ideas for android development to start business. One want to develop new app since they have a phenomenal new application idea that they think will be exceptionally gainful when public gets it for their very own Android devices. Others may need an in-house Android App in light of the fact that the majority of their organization employees have Android devices and simply require the privilege centralized application to make communication for work easily. Android OS powers tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, and tvOS; a large number of games and applications utilized far and wide with many associated users.

There are numerous IT organizations out there who says they have "the best" Android App developers in their nation and potentially even the world. Be that as it may, what number of these organizations can in reality satisfy this? That is the million-dollar question in the brains of any entrepreneur who needs to Hire Android App Developer.

If you get this question in mind, then you may really need to hire a development team from Hire Developers India to do your app project for you. As it has prove this by satisfying clients requirements. You can check this on website testimonials.  

How and why partnering with Hire Developers India (HDI) gets you extraordinary?

Hiring Flexibility

Our engagement models are offering you the total adaptability of employing developers according to your budget and project necessities.

Expert in mobile app development

We have conveyed numerous mobile app projects to date that have rendered awesome ROI to the customers while tending to their business necessities.

One stop solution

As you cooperate with us, you get specialists in programming development, deployment, and marketing at one place. So you would not require looking other for any of your task.

Fully Customizable

Best in class advanced technology and tools empowers us to offer you the most customized solution for both web and mobile to any of your business.

What benefits get with Hire Developers India?

  •          No hidden cost
  •          Source code ownership
  •          24*7 support
  •          Hassle free communication
  •          Bug free solution
  •          On time delivery
  •          SEO optimized
  •          Daily Reporting

Hire Android Developer and put your feet in global level business. There is also various engagement models for hiring developers. You can hire model on full time, part time or hourly basis. As per project requirements one can choose the best model which fit perfectly for the project. As your app is going to deploy over the global and you are going to compete with big time apps, you should look for hiring iOS developer as people are also running devices like iPhones and iPads.  If you have any big idea and thought developments is the great asset for your business, and then hire offshore developer from HDI which will turn your dream into reality.  

Thursday, 27 September 2018

6 Reasons to Choose HDI for Hiring Shopify Developer

Shopify resembles your online store, where the client makes each buy through the online shop. A standout amongst the most agreeable eCommerce developers to enable you to make your online store, Shopify takes into account a wide scope of industries, for example, fashion, lifestyle, media, healthcare, entertainment, jewelry and accessories, cosmetic, food items, toys and dames, clothing, electronics etc. It is appropriate for entrepreneurs who want to develop a problem free platform for setting up their eCommerce business.

To hire offshore Shopify developers, Hire Developers India is a one of the best and trusted company. Our best Shopify developers are set up to offer and actualize industry best practices with an enduring commitment to quality. Hire Shopify developers from Hire Developers India who are proficient at Shopify development latest trends. These Shopify developers give reliable and cost effective solution to fill the holes in your Shopify project while guaranteeing complete transparency and control.

Why to Choose HDI for Hiring Shopify Developer?

Top Shopify Experts

Our dedicated Shopify development and marketing team know how to take care of business. We are listed in highly skilled Shopify developers and have one of the most noteworthy rated Shopify developers on the planet on our group.

Clear & Cut-throat Pricing

We don't have thought about indefinite pricing or any other irrelevant or hidden costs. Ask us for free quote and we will give you a settled cost for your project completion along with due date.

Accurate & Authentic Code

Our Shopify developers work enchantment with code. We create inventive solutions with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Liquid for your any custom requirements.

Worked For Growth

We can design and develop sites  which have high potential to grow without any limits. And our digital marketing team work in such way that help in marketing also. We've helped some Shopify customers accomplish goal in just few months.

Completely Optimized

The websites we develop are streamlined for search engines, speed and conversions. We go the additional mile for customer to enable them to remain one stage in front of the opposition.

Completely Responsive Design

Our sites are immaculate over every single mobile device including mobile and tablet which will give you better customer engagement, more reaches and high ratio of conversion.

Key Benefits of Hire Shopify Developers from Hire Developers India (HDI)

  • Scalable Shopify Developers Team
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Guaranteed Source Code
  • Strict NDA Conditions
  • 24*7  Support
  • Control over hire team
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Fast Team Scaling

Being knowledgeable with Shopify eCommerce Platform, HDI gives a totally special and progressed ambient to your eCommerce store. Hire Shopify developer for acquiring exceedingly versatile business stores. Our group of master Shopify developers is deft and educated in different propelled website design tools. We offer customized services that enhance your web store feasibility, client experience and make it SEO friendly. Our Shopify web developers are profoundly versed with a few Shopify structures. Connect with us to build unique eCommerce store.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Why do you Hire iOS Developer from HDI?

Apple has the absolute most energetic mobile phone users as its clients. In addition, they utilize the device all the time which has made iOS one of the noticeable stage to list the business application. Apple's client base is getting huge thus the utilization of iPhone and iPad device is expanding and winding up such a great amount of development with the incorporation of various features.

Hire Developers India’s iPhone application developers are keeping themselves refreshed with each new component that apple presents in iOS; they are additionally refreshed with the innovations and apparatuses. The developers examine your thought and break down it to actualize the entire procedure for extensive deployment.

Hire iOS Developer from Hire Developers India (HDI) who are experienced and proficient to manage a wide range of business needs. Our development process incorporates testing at each stage in this manner we give the quality affirmation to our customers each time we take up any project. The best thing is you will be associated straightforwardly with our iOS app development group. We offer iOS developer for hire to shape your thought in to a robust iPhone application. Our developer's group is master in quick and objective C programming language and has involvement of conveying native app, hybrid app and cross platform applications.

Why Hire iOS Developer from HDI?

  • Cost effective
  • Highly innovative solutions
  • Guaranteed Work
  • Full Customization
  • Timely Communication: By Chat, Skype, E-mail or Phone
  • Daily working reporting as per your need
  • 100% Confidentiality Assured
  • One of its kind of solution for all your IT needs
  • Save up to 60% by hiring Ios developers

Hire Dedicated iOS Developers

Hire Developers India guarantees best outcomes to various customer base from new companies to enterprises over the globe through Hire dedicated service to praise incredible outcomes rapidly and proficiently.

AS HDI is already worked with various sorts of iOS applications development project, our iOS application developers have increased brilliant information and ability to make creative applications for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Our iOS expert group help in finishing development project, as well as in accomplishing your business targets and objectives by offering distinctive development services. Connect with our specialists to make your dream project toward becoming reality!

Friday, 21 September 2018

Which Types of Hire Developer can be? Know the Fine Points

The most essential piece of a fruitful startup launch is making a slick and effective MVP. The principle question one needs to answer is how to hire dedicated team of developers for a startup?

As the startup lifecycle includes putting noteworthy time and assets into building up a MVP, the new companies need assurances of a fruitful and opportune project completion. Hiring dedicated team of developers is the premise of a fruitful product delivery.

In a perfect situation, you as of now have a dedicated team of developers who helped you achieve a pack of project and who comprehend your prerequisites and desires. In reality, you can hire developer from Hire Developers India (HDI) to transform your project into the real world. There are such types of developers you can hire to develop your project who are highly expert in their niche.

Hire PHP Developer:

You can depend on Hire Developers India(HDI) with regards to growing well designed, rich looking, dynamic web application that befits your time and budget. At Hire Developers India (HDI), your commitment implies more to us. For your technical prerequisites, Our dedicated PHP developers are educated up giving an attainable and customized solutions for comply with hierarchical structure and business thought processes in your job.

Hire PHP Developers benefits:

  • Provides 100% dedication
  • Possesses profound knowledge in developing PHP site utilizing all PHP Frameworks
  • Stays associated through mail, chat and telephone
  • Provides source code approval. just you have the privilege to possess last source code

Hire Wordpres Developer:

WordPress is the most prominent Content Management System and is utilized broadly for both blogging and non-blogging sites. The usability has settled on wordpress the choice of a large portion of the site developers. It offers an extensive number of formats, themes, and plugins and the sites can be completely customized anytime of the time or according to the necessities.

If you need to make a site that produces income, you need to put a little in its creating to make it intelligent and easy to use. Building this sort of sites require a confirmed proficient who has sufficient of learning in this field and can convey positive outcomes for you. In the event that you are taking a gander at your site as a business and need it to profit you monetarily, you should hire wordPress developer.

Hire Magento Developer:

Like most other things nowadays, shopping is progressively an all the more regularly done on the web. On account of that, ecommerce web development has turned into an enormous and beneficial industry. Also, in the event that we discuss a functional, enterprise-level ecommerce website, Magento development will be the pioneer of the business.

One of the main ecommerce platforms, Magento professes to control 1 out of 4 online stores. Thinking about that, a Magento developer is an exceedingly needed and highly paid expert. Hire Magento developer offshore as it give perfect balance of price and quality, on time delivery, no extra cost, no infrastructure required, expertiazation etc .

Hire Shopify Developer:

Huge numbers of Online Shopify Stores are running on the web and quantities of online stores has been propelled on the web each month.

The demand of the experienced eCommerce developer is continously expanding in the web development industry, yet there are deficient talented work powers in the business and experienced developers ask more cash which isn't reasonable for little proprietors. Subsequently, numerous entrepreneur feel wavers while they chooses to build up an online store. In any case, they should Hire Shopify Developer from Hire Developer India; it is the best destination for building an eCommerce site in affordable rate. HDI provides dedicated team of shopify developers which will build ecommerce business fruitful by developing website as per your requirements .

Hire Joomla Developer:

With an ever increasing number of sites showing up and a relating development in digital content, content management system have turned out to be vital as well as imperative to the health and supportability of such organizations and enterprises. These frameworks are utilized for both web content management and enterprise content management. In enterprises this framework makes work environment coordinated effort simple by incorporating reports and recording resources. In websites this framework synchronizes and encourages site creating. Hire Joomla Developers to set up your content management system and see the advantages you procure.

There are also other expert developers for mobile apps development, .net development, database development and so more. Connect HDI for any such website development and design.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Why do you Hire PHP Developer? What you get?

At the point when PHP was first presented, it remained for Personal Home Page, yet today, it alludes to Hypertext Preprocessor and is the establishment of many websites. Nowadays, it is perceived as a standout amongst other server-side scripting languages, and when you hire a dedicated PHP developer, you will come to realize that it is suited for web development as well as a generally useful programming based language.

On the off chance that, you have PHP web development project and you are looking to Hire PHP Developer from a group of expert and at affordable rates from the web development organization. For such sort of work, you can simply rely upon Hire Developers India (HDI). Our dedicated PHP developers are profoundly experienced and skilled in making some well designed and novel web applications, inside the assessed time allotment and at the pocket friendly rates. With us, hiring a PHP developer is reliably a simple job.

The principle point of our dedicated PHP developers is to finish the work on time with the accessible assets inside a decided frame of time. We ensure that the experts gave to you by us would be keen enough and would hold sublime relational abilities to recognize the advantage of work.

Why Hire Dedicated PHP Developers?

  •          Project work is finished by very experienced and capable group of experts.
  •          Strong development plan focused stringently by our group
  •          On time completion of project, as decided before project start- up.

What you get by hiring PHP developers from HDI?

When you hire PHP developer particularly from Hire Developers India, you can be guaranteed of increasing a few advantages. Our well ordered process guarantees that you get most extreme advantages inside the minimum amount of time. The way in which our group works is so:
  • When you hire a dedicated PHP software developer, we will set aside opportunity to pick up a far reaching comprehension of your requirements
  • The intensive examination will enable us to choose whether you have to hire PHP programmer or web developer
  • Our point by point discussion with you will give you an unmistakable idea about how we will finish your project
  • Our group will instruct you about each procedure and step
  • Hire a PHP web developer and you will have the capacity to regard them as your own employee, requesting day by day updates
  • The time frame, budget and different terms of the agreement are chosen just with regards to what suits you
  • We offer you various payment gateway options, guaranteeing protected and fast payment
  • You can pick whether you need to hire a PHP developer on a hourly basis, part time or full time

If you are an entrepreneur and business person who is looking to create new website or simply upgrading the existing one, you should Contact Hire Developers India India to hire PHP developer and develop your brand.  

Monday, 17 September 2018

Secure Online Business by Hiring Payment Gateway API Developer

Generally, payment gateway is an e-commerce service that procedures, confirms and acknowledges or declines credit, debit or any other payment mode transactions on a merchant’s behalf through secure Internet connections.

Picking the correct payment gateway option for your business can regularly decide if your online store is fruitful. On the off chance that payments on your online store are not ideally set up, you could lose a ton of orders through deals drop offs by unsatisfied clients or wind up spending a great deal of cash on transaction fees and expenses. Making sense of the payments end of your online store is vital to the long haul accomplishment of your online business.

Why you need to hire payment gateway API developer?

Utilizing payment gateway can decrease recurrence and severity of credit card fraud inside e-commerce business. Payment gateway enables the trader to process credit, debit and other alternative online payment methods.

Payment gateway goes about as the go-between to ensure that client information is scrambled and secure. Hire Payment Gateway API developer from Hire developers India(HDI) which has amass a master group of developers. HDI payment gateway developers develop API by keeping in mind integration, security, international transactions, end-user preference and many others.  These will establish transparency in your online business and increase customer trust factor.

Benefits of Hiring Payment Gateway API Developers from HDI

Not required to provide resources & premises

No compelling reason to stress over spending on infrastructure for your developers. They will work for you from our premises and they will be furnished with the most recent technology to meet your prerequisites. You just tell your requirements and ask about result, no need to look for other things.

On-time communication

In spite of the fact that you are working in an alternate time zone, our Offshore Payment Gateway API Developers are extremely adaptable and would answer you through online visit from Skype, Hangouts, telephone lines as well as other conference call. We likewise have devoted VOIP lines that will assist you with being in contact with our dedicated developers.

Immediate delivery of work

When you enlist your own particular Expert Payment Gateway Developers, and the detail of your project will be comprehended, they will begin working quickly on your project. You would likewise be relegated with one Project Coordinator or Project Manager (with no extra cost) who would deal with your task and developers all through the procedure of analysis, design, development and testing phases and beyond.

Choose own developers by taking an interview

Take an interview first at that point select the developers in light of the fact that, at Hire Developers India (HDI), you can hire API developers after once you totally get happy with them.

Establishing a payment gateway can be time-consuming, very confusing and expensive process. Hire a payment gateway API developer from HDI and develop your payment gateway with high security. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Why Magento and Shopify are ideal for E-commerce

Hiring a local Magento developer for your e-commerce or online business can be troublesome and exorbitant, especially in the US. This is the reason why many online businesses select to discover a Magento programmer offshore through IT outsourcing. One nation i.e. India where you can discover very skilled and competent Magento developers India.

Hire Magento developers, Hire Shopify developers
Hire E-Commerce developers

Why Hire Magento developer for E-Commerce development

You need to discover developers who have the expertise of as a Magento developer if your business keeps running on the Magento stage. Hire Magento developer or Magento development team with Cloud Employee can help with the accompanying: Magento template customization, theme, and custom extensions development, information relocation, secure payment integration, Magento support, and maintenance.

Based on open source technology, Magento is one of the most widely used e-commerce stages. Online businesses use the Magento stage for its powerful features like the shopping basket system, payment engines, shipping modules, and index management devices. It additionally permits integration with outsider apparatuses and additional items that make Magento-powered sites SEO-friendly, customizable, and mobile-commerce ready.

Therefore we have chosen just those platforms that have obtained wide acclaim and possess the aforementioned characteristics. The abilities of our partner platforms when it comes to flexibility, scalability, search and merchandising, and PCI compliance far outstretches the capabilities of other competing platforms.

Why Hire Shopify developer for E-commerce arrangements 

Similarly, Shopify is also an excellent e-commerce platform for businesses of any size. It's accessible and affordable for the new e-commerce startup and also offers an enterprise answer for developing and large businesses with Shopify Plus. Hire Shopify developer from HDI to manufacture your eCommerce website and get all the arrangements for your requirements.

One of the great things about Shopify is their extensive selection of apps. The library is huge so I've made it super simple for you to locate the best Shopify apps to maximize your business' success. With Hire Developers India, You can display sidebars, fortunate wheel popups, intelligent item recommendations, Messenger list building popups, interstitial campaigns and considerably more. Hire Shopify programmer will work in a way to optimize the entire user experience.

Just contact Hire developers India about your project requirements – what are the required aptitudes, years of experience, and tech apparatuses that your ideal Magento developer or Shopify developer must have? In case you need additional resources for your Magento or Shopify project, you could apply to any Outsourcing Company like Hire Developers India, that provide great services to help with all your project needs.

Dedicated Magento developer or Dedicated Shopify developer will work the same hours as your in-house team, just as if they are in your office.

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Hires Developers India is a leading company in giving quality service, with the latest programming applications, and an expert and professional team. HDI's Magento developer and Shopify developer will be available at the flexible planning via online chat like Skype, Hangouts, other conference calls for better and stresses free communication. Hire Developer India has proficient developers who are ready to carry out your niche business requirements and to give a relevant arrangement. HDI is a certified company with an advanced technology, so Contact Us immediately in your project development.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Insights into PHP language and benefits of Hiring PHP developers

The World is moving towards digitization, more business hops into the market. In the event that you want to proliferate your business, you require a site and a developer who can bring your vision into reality. Hire open source developers who fit directly into your business and who is technically solid to take your business forthright in near future. You will require your aptitude and abilities to locate the one. There is such a great amount to the site rather than the landing page, administrations, about us, and contact us. You can say that other thing as "online presentation". It is important because you speak to the image of a company and for the most part, it attracts and holds more customers.

Hire a PHP developer

Business is climbing up and to survive the opposition in the market is a laborious task. In the event that you don't reach out to the correct audience with a site and tell what sort of administration you offer it's purposeless. In the digital world, the majority of the general population have smartphone and web availability. At the season of administration require, they will surf the web and search out of the relevant administration match. So to have a site is an absolute necessity. To fabricate a site you have to hire dedicated PHP developers except if you are a developer.

With a site, you can reach out to the maximum number of audience and proliferate your business. So hire a developer or team that can meet your specialty prerequisites. Hire Developers India offers top of the line on the web and disconnected answer for the customers. Many start-ups and small business confided in the HDI administrations. You can hire dedicated PHP developer or a team on hourly or on a month to month basis according to your task necessities. The developers will give the best answer for your prerequisite that will equip your task.

Before contracting the privilege PHP developer for your business do you know what are the advantages of PHP? And which indicates are important look while you hire PHP developers 

After knowing the advantages and on the off chance that you chose to hire professional PHP programmers for your task then you should know which indicates are the important search for the correct candidate.

Why pay when its free? Indeed, you read it effectively. The main advantage of PHP over other language is free availability. Dissimilar to other scripting languages, you don't have to purchase a permit and there is no limitation in utilizing it. The greater part of its related application like MYSQL and Apache servers are available for nothing. All you have to do is hire PHP developers who are talented and experience to take maximum advantage of it and can enable you to assemble your site easy to use, responsive, and attractive.


Hire Developers India have been conveying the best arrangements through the best innovation administrations. HDI's seaward advancement administrations are proposed to convey quality organizations benefit on given time. In case you're searching for building up a sales handout, outlining a site or setting up another communal character, Hire our equipped seaward developers to complete your work sheer professionalism. Contact Us to connect with us today with your seaward advancement prerequisites and we will recommend which display is best for your business.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Why Open source is flexible for business website

An open source suggests a program or programming in which the source code (the kind of the program when a product design makes a program in a particular programming tongue) is available to the general populace for using or conceivably change from its exceptional framework complimentary.

Hire Open source developer

Today open source improvement has ended up being essential for moderately every affiliation. Almost everything requires open source writing computer programs, be it media transmission systems, stock, accounting, singular productivity applications, Hire organization and working structures among others. At Hire Developers India, we have experienced and capable Open-source developers who can proficiently manufacture an item structure by using open source programming so you can hire Open source developers who will work With our expertise in Java change, we can similarly make application squares. We similarly use our system compromise organizations to guarantee that the new application that we make can be viably fused into your present structures. Hire offshore open source Programmers for headway to HDI and favorable position from bewildering developers at a fiscally adroit cost.

Open source software can have a major impact on your entire organization. There are several advantages of using open source software. The following are a list of the advantages of opting for open source software.

The following are a list of the advantages of opting for open source software.

Lesser hardware costs.

High-quality software.

No vendor lock-in.

Integrated management.

Simple license management

Lower software costs.

Abundant support.

Scaling and consolidating.

There are some types of Open-source development which are WordPress, PHP, Magento, Joomla, Coldfusion and more. While hunting for PHP developers for hire, All you have to do is contact Hire developers India and hire PHP developers who are skilled and experience to take maximum advantage of it and can help you build your website user-friendly or You can Hire WordPress developers from HDI to optimize your CMS website’s performance.

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Hire developers India is the main outsourcing organization who works in this industry for over 12 years and giving complete answers to their clients. Hire Open Source developers and Open source developers can significantly influence your entire affiliation. There are a couple of good conditions of using open source programming. The going with is a summary of the upsides of choosing open source programming. Get in touch with us today to fabricate your open-source business site.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Know Why Mobile App developers are Crucial for any online business.

In the present reality, every one of us uses mobile apps in our day to day life. Everyone from kids to develops singular uses a cell phone in everyday life. Truth be told, the cell phone has transformed into a basic piece of life due to a fluctuated application that is accessible to use like from texting, electronic shopping, online taxi booking, ticket booking, news, photography, et cetera. Everything can be done with just a tick. In this manner, if you have a business, it is important to have your own specific app to contact endless. For the improvement of the mobile app, you need to hire a mobile app developer.

Hire Android Developers or Hire iOS developers

Hiring some person to make iPhone, windows, and Android app isn't a simple errand. Hire dedicated ios developers or Hire dedicated Android developers to build the app for your business. There are numerous variables that have a key impact yet a segment of the said underneath question you should consider before you hire a dedicated mobile app designer.

Hire Mobile App developers

Mobile Application Developers make programming for mobile gadgets. A mobile app engineer picks the working framework (a.k.a. mobile stage) they will create for, for example, Google's Android or Apple's iOS, Hybrid App improvement, ionic App and Windows' App development at that point takes in the programming dialects and programming advancement condition for that stage.

While procuring mobile app developer you should check the apps that he/she has created and has assumed a part in the advancement of an app. Request the contextual investigations that hotshot their work. You can likewise get some information about their past customer data with contact points of interest. In this way, that you can check the connection between the two. HDI which is stands for Hire developers India is consistent in providing dedicated developers across the world.

HDI offers its customer base a practical pathway to execute the across the board mobile-first technique. They will enable you to make a streamlined mobile innovation arrangement while growing our item stack. Since the mobile applications, we construct relates to on-request business verticals and patterns.

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HDI is a standout amongst other businesses with the most recent programming application, framework, and an expert group. The mobile app engineer you will hire will work from the organization and will be helped by different assets if there should be an occurrence of any circumstance emerges. You can speak with the engineer by means of Skype, Hangouts, calls and another wellspring of a medium. Get in touch with us for any inquiry, we are prepared to give a significant answer to your necessities.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Importance of logo designer for business

When it comes to something as crucial as logo design which conveys a message about your business, you must have an eye for selecting the best logo designer and hire logo designer according to his creativity. While pricing is all over the place, you can get something, your aim is to hire a logo designer that offers reasonably good services at affordable rates. While you are hunting logo designer for hire, You need to keep observing the market. Before you hire a logo designer, you need to adjust your expectations accordingly and also be aware of how much commitment is required from hired logo designer to you.

Most certainly hiring a logo designer requires some efforts, more importantly, clarity and the vision in your mind about the company's future. It depends a lot on what is the name of the company or what you make or provide. If you go for abstract symbol make sure it’s straight-forward and mirrors the image of the company. The logo from color to shape should give a sense of what is the company all about. When people look at it, they should get a feel for your brand personality and your distinctive point of view.

Logo designers for hire
Hire logo designer

Logos can be explained as the visual icons that give an exceptional recognition aspect to a product or business and also give immediate visual identification of an organization which consecutively creates branding. Logos have become the front line of the company, the corporate identity which your hired logo designer designed for you. A detailed logo wouldn’t be easy to use when it is used in a smaller size. Designing a Logo design yourself. It's best to do some research and compare services and prices.

The logo represents your vision-mission. Make sure that you hire a logo designer who has a style statement that goes along with your requirements. Most logos, need some touching up after a decade's time or so anyway, to avoid growing stale. The key is to get it right from the start, then fine tune as needed over time.

The following tips will help you hire the best logo design services for designing attractive logos

Effective designing is important

A majority of businesses have the tendency to look for services that deliver work faster although it may not be as good a design that takes time.

Experience matters a lot

When you have compelling reasons to hire a logo design company, it is good to keep in mind that experience plays a major role

Maintaining a consistent level of communication

It would be wrong to say that communication with the company that you have hired plays an important role because it goes beyond the general norms of importance. You continuously need to keep in touch with the company for better assistance. Hire Developers India who has expertise in that particular part. HDI always coordinate with clients to know their main objective and according to that, they showcase their creativity in terms of logo designing and website developing.

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This is just a general breakdown of the most common ways you can hire a logo designer. The best way to hire a logo designer is to the first checkout and review his/her logo design project or portfolios. But you should always choose a logo designer smartly and wisely. Read the terms and contracts and how they facilitate the overall process. After all, it’s your hard earned money and you can’t keep taking risks. Contact HDI to get best results.